Snags story

Snags came to us unable to fly, at the time he appeared fully healthy and we couldn't figure out what exactly was going on. Unfortunately after a few days of stiff muscles we noticed some joint swelling. In the photo you can see his swollen finger joints, this with the stiffness leads us to believe he is suffering from bat pox. Bat pox is a disease that mostly effects Big Brown Bats like Snags here, it can be fatal, but with treatment is kept under management although treatment must be continued indefinitely or it will flare up, thus his permanent resident status.

Today Snags is living the life as an educator bat, with all he can eat and warm beds it doesn't get much better than this! Snags has two educator bat friends Ms. Rosenthorn and Ms. Thistle Lily who also suffer from bat pox. Together they enjoy their life of luxury, big brown bats have a tendency to be "couch potatoes" when in rehab situations.