Bats of Wisp of Hope

The bats on this page are current residents being cared for at Wisp of Hope.

Some of these animals may be released in the future and some may be non-releasable residents that participate in educational programs. All are given the best care possible with the hope that they will someday be released back into the wild.


In Memory <3


Miss Sparkle (in memory ?-2017) survived by her baby Eddard.

Miss Sparkle was brought to a local sister rehabber in late 2015, she had been injured likely by a crow, and lost her pinky finger and a good portion of her wing. While she had healed from her injuries the loss of her pinky finger prevented her from powered flight and she was thus un-releasable.




Snaggletooth (snags)

This wonderfully sweet little fellow was brought to us by some people that found him unable to fly. Snags has a disease known and bat pox which causes swelling in the joints and stiff movement. While he is recovering his joints are still stiff and permanent arthritis seems likely. Although I am hoping he will be releasable at some point it is very doubtful. For now he is comfortable and happy, he just can't fly due to stiff joints.


Current Residents


Past Residents